Design Thinking Open Course Deep Dive

Since 2014, the HPI Academy team and I are running advanced classes for returning participants who have been part of the Design Thinking Open Course. The three day class is an absolutely exciting mixture of a productive workshop and a really good conference of experienced Design Thinkers.

Based on a fun case study, we dive deep into very practical Design Thinking tools. Along the familiar process, we introduce, discuss, try and reflect almost twenty tools that participants could use easily in their next project. Focus is not just on how to do these tools, but on how to actually do them well. It’s great to exchange experiences with an international (Dubai, New Zealand, California) and inspiring team and even develop a bunch of new tools in the process.

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Here’s some of the wonderful feedback that we got:

“For me, the Advanced Design Thinking Open Course was a perfect way to: Meet Design Thinkers and get to know different approaches of how to apply DT. Practice, combine and “re-think”  known tools and methods. Learn new DT tools.”

“I loved the Open Course II and came away buzzing with ideas for new approaches.”

“The Advanced Design Thinking Open course was a fantastic experience and well worth travelling to the other side of the world for! I really applaud you guys for breaking new ground with this workshop. I liked the fact that everyone was already working with design thinking so there was a much more interesting starting place and the potential to dig deeper. I enjoyed the opportunity to experiment in a low risk environment in a way that is not possible when you are working with “real” clients.[…]”

Updates on new dates for this class can be found here.

(HPI Academy)