Design Thinking for Apparel Online Shopping

I concepted and moderated a two day training program for a group of future category managers from different companies in the apparel industry. In order to make the program as meaningful as possible, the three teams developed solutions for real company challenges that they will continue to work on in the month after the workshop. The challenges included topics like Onlineshopping for Women over 50 and how to better anticipate which clothes customers will buy in the next season.

This workshop gave me the chance to take a deep dive into the garment industry and spend time with very experienced folks from the business. Here are some things that I think I learned:

1. Apparell sourcing is a tough job: You are moving through very different cultures and constantly in negotiation situations.

2. Clothes for oversize women are displayed by models who are normal sized, while clothes for normal sized women are worn by skinny models.

3. Many women who wear larger sizes care a lot about their appearance (finger nails, make up etc.), appreaciate professional tipps on how to dress and love appreciation of their outfits.

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(HPI Academy)