Creating Value for HIV Doctors

We designed and moderated a sprint on innovations for HIV doctors for a pharmaceutical company. The program featured a full day scoping workshop, intense desk research through online communities of people living with HIV, and in-depth interviews with immunologists and patient representatives.

I have to say, my perception of the virus changed completely. HIV is not at all as scary as it used to be. In fact, if people are medicated properly, they may live just as well and just as long as HIV negatives. This also changes the way people interact with their condition – many of them don’t want to be constantly reminded of it through self-help groups and similar initiatives. Nevertheless, medical progress does little to change the stigma that HIV positive people live with. People still have trouble at their workplace, with their families, even trouble finding doctors (e.g. dentists) who will treat them.


Photo of an HIV infected T cell by NIAID.

(HPI Academy)