How Would you Explain the Present to People from the Year 2000?

In a recent foresight workshop, I was looking for a format that helps teams find a crisp summary of their perception of digitalization. Obviously not a very small topic, so we came up with a little prompt that turned out to work really well:

1. Imagine you are going to a conference on digitalization, trends and the future.

2. You are invited as a keynote speaker and have exactly 100 seconds to talk.

3. One twist: The conference is happening in the year 2000 and you are from the future.

To get in the mood, I created an inspiration board reminding teams where their audience stands. It’s the year of Nokia 3310, ICQ, Coldplay’s debut… with fifteen minutes to prepare, they produced some amazing pitches!

things from the year 2000

Here you find a really great collection of web designs from the year 2000. Photo of the legendary Nokia 3310 from here.

(HPI Academy)