Design Thinking Camp SAP AppHaus Heidelberg

I recently attended another Design Thinking Barcamp presented by Oose’s Stefan Raimer and hosted by SAP’s AppHaus Heidelberg. I presented two sessions:

1. Design Thinking Tools that SUCK (if you don’t hack them)
This was a rapid run through many of the very frequently used tools for every phase of the Design Thinking process and what I believe to be pitfalls with these tools. I also shared some of our iterations of the tools. Apart from the catchy title, I felt this session resonated with a lot of people who had already gone through a few design processes.

2. How to make a million dollars
In this rather spontaneous session we talked about business models that are surprisingly successful and attempted to uncover the mechanics behind them. Then we tried to use these mechanics for an ideation of new business ideas in the food and the luxury industry. Two results:
– discount plastic surgery for everyone
– model-endorsed mineral water
The most fun part of this session was really collecting these fascinating “I can’t believe you can make money with that” ideas.

Apart from that, the camp was an intimate (where was everybody?), relaxed way of meeting old friends. And the AppHaus is absolutely beautiful.

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